Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What was that line again?

"I am just so over pink".

Oh, fuck me.... I've turned into Paris Hilton.

Anyway, I have decided to change my template.

Before I go, a questionnaire nicked from the latest Q magazine via the deadly Reed twins Graham and Mark. Mark is right, by the way. Q magazine is pretty shit these days. I have been subscribing for nigh on 20 years and it is about time I stopped. I cannot remember the last time I spent more than 5 minutes leafing through it. Waste of money.

How are you?
I'm OK, but I have been better.

Where are you right now?
In the back room.

What were you doing 20 years ago?
3rd October 1986. It was a Friday. In my bedroom listening to music and sorting out receipts, etc.

How have you changed over the last 20 years?
I am fatter and balder and less content, hopefully because I am more clued in as to what is going on politically and I don't like it.

When did you get a mobile phone?
Sometime in 2000. It was a brick. I still have a mobile phone. I turn it on maybe 3 times a year. I have no idea of my own number.

What was the first album you bought on CD?
"The Queen Is Dead" by the Smiths or "Aftermath" by the Rolling Stones. Definitely one of those.

And the first track you downloaded?
I have never paid for music on the Internet, but I did download a Beatles/Monkees mashup called "Paperback Believer" a year or two back. It is very clever mix. Search it out, you might like it. I prefer buying CD's and loading them onto my MP3 player. Not that I buy a lot of music.

If you could talk to yourself 20 years again what advice would you give?
Take a chance and go out.

What's the single biggest thing that's changed for you?
Leaving home and (gulp) moving in with somebody.

What's the best thing you bought?
My house, my computer.

Your favourite drug of the past 20 years?
Ibuprofen and alcohol, but not at the same time.

What's been the highlight of the last 20 years?
Meeting Lorraine.

And the low point?
Lorraine's operation. Things have not been the same between us since. Selfish of me really, because I am sure that having her womb removed was not a bed of roses for her either, but that is the way I feel.

What's been your worst haircut of the past 20 years?
Long hair and bald spot. Not cool. Keith Richards might be able to pull it off, but not me.

Your biggest fashion disaster?
Battered leather jacket and green woolly hat.

Who's your favourite artist of the last 20 years?
Probably R.E.M. circa 1985 through 1998. I am less interested in them now, and I am sad about that, but the music they did during that period still stands up.

What was the most money you spent?
The house.

Which song of the last 20 years do you wish you'd written?
Just one? No way I can pick just one. I'll give you five. "Country Feedback" by R.E.M., "The Scientist" by Coldplay, "She's The One" by Robbie Williams, "Breakdown" by Suede and "Baby, You're So Free" by the Cosmic Rough Riders.

Where will you be in 20 minutes?
Still here.

I like the new home. It seems more roomy somehow, and space for adding more to it, like a jacuzzi or swimming pool...
I was bored and watched her (Paris) new video. Why do all these skimpy blondes both look and sound the same?
It's ORANGE! I love the new look.
I like the new look too.
Hmm... I've never been a fan of pink, so I should be saying how much I like the new look. But these things always take some time to grow on me. Ask me what I think of it next week. I'll probably love it by then.

Not that my opinion matters even vaguely, mind you...

Oh, and 'She's The One' was originally a song by World Party. One of Robbie's few cover versions.
Suede only ever performed "Breakdown" once in their entire career - 23rd Sept 2003 at the ICA in London.

I was there. It was as brilliant as you could imagine.
I do like the new template. I don't know why it took me so long to change it.

Interesting thing is, if I view it on a narrow screen ,the sidebar drops to the bottom of the screen, but leaves the text at the top. 'Tis good. When I view it on a large screen, the whole things fits perfectly, side to side.

Ahhh... I am home.

Enemy - She's not exactly my type, but I don't mind looking at Paris Hilton. Shame about the gormless expression, but you can't have everything, I suppose.

skywolf - You are absolutely right about "She's The One". Apparently Karl Walinger wrote it on spec for the movie "She's The One", but it was rejected and never appeared in the movie. Karl Walinger recorded it himself, stuck it on the "Egyptology" album and forgot all about it until Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers came a calling.

I think it is a wonderful song. Always have. Romantic and beautiful and Robbie sang it perfectly.

Mark - I saw Suede 3 times and they never performed "Breakdown" at any of those shows. I'm sure it was brilliant. I am as jealous as hell.

That first Suede album is a stone classic and "Breakdown" was one of their very best songs.
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