Monday, January 09, 2006

Other than to say that I am writing this while listening to the magnificent "The Who Sell Out" by The Who (who else?), which I ripped onto my MP3 player not two minutes ago (and it's really distracting writing while listening to music because I normally write in absolute silence, except for the grinding noise of my shit PC), there is absolutely nothing to write about.

So... The ABC of me, nicked wholesale from the mighty Graham.

A - Accent
None whatsoever. Everybody else says that I have a thick Brummie accent, but they are Bastards and you can discount them.

B - Breakfast Item
Some kind of cereal.

C - Chocolate or crisps?
Ah, that would be crisps.

D - Dad's Name

E - Essential everyday item
Bus pass.

F - Favourite film
"The Day The Earth Caught Fire" and "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". There are others, but I could be here for hours.

G - Gold or Silver
Gold... but I do not wear any jewelry whatsoever.

H - Hometown

I - Icecream Flavour
Don't have one. Maybe strawberry.

J - Job
Software (if you can call that shit I look after, software) Support Analyst.

K- Kids
None at all. We won't go there, if you don't mind.

L - Living arrangements
North Birmingham. My house is a hundred and fifteen years old and looks it.

M - Mom's Birthplace

N - Number of significant others you've ever had
One. I was a virgin when I met Lorraine, but I have had unfulfilled lust with many a lady.

O - Overnight hospital stays
Never, touch wood. I am indestructible John.

P - Phobia
Suffocation, choking. Same thing?

Q - Queer
It doesn't disgust me. I suppose on the Kinsey scale I am a 2.

R - Rock or pop
"New York, London, Paris, Munich."
"Everybody's talkin' bout, Pop Music".

S - Siblings
3 Sisters and 3 Brother's. 2 of my Brothers died in childbirth, but they were here, they existed, they had names and they were part of my family.

T - Time you wake up
5:50 or 6:50, except at the weekend.

U - Unnatural hair colours you've worn
I have never dyed my hair, not even once.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat
I love vegetables. All of my managers are vegetables, but I wouldn't eat any of them. (Cue crude sexual comment - except maybe Wendy Scott).

W - Worst habit
Biting my nails.

X - X-rays you've had
Just when I broke my left leg and my right wrist. Oh, and my teeth once, a long time ago.

Y - Yummy
Kate Winslet.

Z - Zodiac sign

Ringo? Ye hest, surely!
Interesting what you learn about people from these things. Maybe I'll have to steal it from you :)
Yeah, Ringo. It was a nickname. My Dad knew nothing about pop music (unlike my Mom who bought a single a week for 30 years!) He only liked people like Sinatra, Johnny Ray, Frankie Vaughan, Frankie Laine, etc. My Dad once claimed that the only Beatles record he liked was "Yellow Submarine" which, of course, was sung by the mighty Ringo Starr. Of course my Dad was known as Ringo after that.

Ginny, steal away...
Another Virgo, eh? (I think I must have known that, as you did write about your birthday celebration.)
Virgos. Best starsign in the world.
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